Why Wouldn't Astronauts Use Pencils in Space ?

Do you recall the scene in 3 idiots where Rancho, the film's "hero," asks the institute's director why the astronauts didn't use a pencil instead of wasting millions on an astronaut's pen?

The director was attempting to make Rancho seem intelligent and distinct from the other students. In reflection, the diresctor seems to have been knowing nothing .

Here is the video which shows the scene :

Whatever we saw and thought was just a part of movie ; In this article I will be telling why not pencils be used in space .

Why Pencils not suitable for space travel ?

The issue with using the pencils is that they have a tendency to crack, crumble, and leave graphite dust in their wake. In the pressurised, oxygen-rich capsule, the wood can also pose a significant fire hazard .

Still, there were attempts to bring pencils into space. In 1965, the agency famously ordered 34 specially designed mechanical pencils in hopes of finding the perfect writing tool for astronauts. But at $128 each, they weren't exactly cheap, and it only got worse when the public got wind of the price . So basically everything was tried and tested about using pencils in space .

Origin of Space Pen :

Paul Fisher, the founder of Fisher Pen Company, invented the Space Pen. The Fisher Space Pen, unlike most pens, uses compressed nitrogen to push ink out of the nozzle rather than gravity to do so.

It was therefore suitable for writing in vacuum, upside down, or when submerged underwater. It produced crisp, clean writing without the hazards of a pencil.

At that time Space agencies bought the space pens for $2.39 a pen . The Fisher Space Pens made their debut in 1968 on the Apollo 7 mission and have been involved in all manned missions since .

Hope you enjoyed reading the article !

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