Why KDRAMA is so popular ?

Catch the Hallyu !

For those unfamiliar with the word, Hallyu refers to the Korean wave. It refers to the global craze for South Korean shows, songs, and films currently sweeping the globe.

This world was basically introduced by the Gangnam style album released in 2012 , it had us all on our feet doing popular dance .From Korean music to food, K-fashion, culture, and traditions. More to that, viewers across the world are starting to get more enthusiastic about K-dramas or Korean dramas!

Why Korean Dramas Are Popular ?

There are many reasons why Korea dramas have gained such a wide following of non-Koreans.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people become fans of K-drama :

Attractive Cast :

Koreans are known for being beautiful . And these poreless, chiseled-to-perfection human beings are simply too hard to resist. Seeing two beautiful actors share sweet moments and eventually fall in love makes the watching experience more enjoyable.

Usually, this factor is what initially draws people into a K-Drama, and ultimately, one of the reasons that make them stay for more .

Diverse genre with unique plot story :

There is no doubt that watching a Korean drama is totally mind-blowing. This is definitely one of the reasons why people are getting hooked by K-dramas. There’s a variety of choices to suit every taste, the most popular being romantic comedies. Others include fantasy, action, sci-fi, historical, crime, comedy, horror, among others.

Whatever genre it is, Korean dramas always showcase unexpected yet surprisingly amazing plot twists. It is kind of impossible to predict the scene of every episode since there are a lot of twists. It would make you think a lot. That’s what keeps you hooked up .

The predictable yet still delightful and exciting plotlines :

Then again, there are also the predictable plotlines and scenes in K-Dramas that, for some reason, still resonate with viewers.

Koreanovelas find ways to dramatize these and deliver them with hints of wow factor be it through the artist’s portrayal style, unfolding of events, or inclusions of surprising twists here and there. The viewers are still hooked to see how this is potrayed .

The soundtrack :

When the much-awaited kilig moment or dramatic scene comes, trust that K-Dramas will have fitting tracks to enhance the scenes. We may not understand what the songs mean, but we can feel the melody comes from the heart and, ultimately, always speaks to the viewers’ hearts.

Without even understanding the language the subtitle and the sound is enough to please anyone. It soothing soundtrack that makes us feel more in love with the drama and its characters.

The high-quality cinematography :

So why are Korean dramas popular globally? The cinematography is no joke. Korean dramas never fail to showcase aesthetically pleasing cinematography to the viewers. It takes you to another dimension- from the present time to the ancient time, to the past, to the future. It could even take to an unimaginable place!

More to that, it makes you feel like you are being part of the show as if you have already experienced being in that period of time. This adds to the glossy factor of K-Drama . When the characters say their lines, the cinematography complements the mood of the scene perfectly.

The family-friendly themes :

Filipino families are known for being close-knit, that's why family-related stories never fail to tug at the heartstrings. With K-Dramas, people can learn a thing or two about family values, friendships, and maintaining romantic relationships. They have clean drama which you can enjoy with your family without any hesitation .

Short and sweet :

If you hate shows which go into season after season, then K-drama is for you. Their stories are short with around 16 to 20 episodes only and the storyline builds up very well.

And they have mastered the art of cliff-hanger endings. You just cannot wait to watch the next episode! Also, better yet, you can catch up and watch the entire story in one night !

Acting Skills :

The characters and the drama seems reality due to the prowness of the acting by the actors . It’s natural and original . You wont feel the same if ever you watch two different drama b the same actors .

Most of the shows have talented actors who justify their respective roles. This makes it all the more interesting to watch. They emotionally connect with the viewers, which makes it easy for us to relate to their situation.

It is no doubt that Korean dramas are so hype, most especially in today’s generation where almost everything is accessible on social media. Even for the uninitiated, this whole K-Drama craze is fascinating enough to pique one's curiosity.

Salanghae to all the Kdrama lovers out there !

Thanks for reading !

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