What will people say?

"Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own" -The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

Why is it, that people always have to intervene in somebody else's life? Why is that everyone in this world eventually has to abide by the so called 'norms' of the society? Why is there a fear of society? Perhaps I will never get an answer! Why is that people have to question every single move that one takes? "I can't wear a certain type of dress, what will people say?" "I can't follow my dreams or my passion, what will people say?" " I can't speak like this what will people say?"

Ultimately, WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY? Who are these people? Where do they come from? Why are they so concerned? Why can't they live in peace, and let one live in peace? Every time, someone out there in the world will have something to say.

Why are these people so concerned? (or I should rather say act as a hurdle in someone's life) Why people keep distributing their advices like pamphlets, having zero value! ADVICE IS APPRECIATED WHEN IT IS WELCOMED, speak where you are needed and wanted (please) To all the "open minded" people out there believe me it is NOT necessary to abide by these silly society norms, that people have set. I tell you why they have set certain restrictions- (1) Nobody damn in this world, would NOT be jealous of the fact that you are becoming successful (except your parents) (2) One tries to pull the other down (sick mentality) It's the tendency of Homo sapiens sapiens to throw stones at the things above them. (You throw stones at the mangoes only to bring it down). It's because you can't reach it, you try to pull it down! (3) They are completely oblivious of the fact that they have not seen success! (It is of course not easy for someone to see the other's successes) (4) last but not the least, it's hard to adapt to change! etc etc etc and the list remains endless!! (logon ka kaam hai bolna, log kuch to bolenge hi !) HARSH BUT TRUE! Have you any solution to this? NO! but if you have experienced this, I pray you, please do not do all this to someone, it is so excruciating to hear the sound of your dreams breaking! DO NOT DISCOURAGE SOMEONE IF YOU CANNOT ENCOURAGE THEM! (Do not be the people of the society, be someone whom people know, that they can have your back when they need) ALWAYS REMEMBER! "Don't let small minds convince that your dreams are too big"

All the very best, Hope all your dreams come true :)


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