What time is it....

It's time to Quarantine!

.....I know it is super hard to indulge in some positivity during these harsh unprecedented times, but if only you try !

Try and get some positivity from anywhere (don't mistake that for corona positive you morons!).

In this blog in which I am going to share some brilliant Quarantips to make your day!

Number 1: Remember that time, when the alarm went off, you wanted to sleep some more but didn't had a choice to get out of bed and get your a** to work? Well now, it is that time when you can get some extra time and snooze a little more. Hug your bed it's the right time to! Let your body reboot for all that I am going to tell you later in the blog!

Number 2: Hey do you remember when did you last had the time before this COVID thing to get some fresh air out of your window or rooftop and watch the sunrise and the sunset? Well well... it's time to simply stop and stare, take in the sights and the sights of silence. The sun still shines everyday and that's a hope enough that this too shall pass ( I know you've heard this a million times but trust the process, this too shall pass!)

These are pictures of the sunrise and the sunset that I tried to capture from my mobile. Capture that positivity in your fist and don't let it move out from anywhere, hold on, just hold on.

Number 3: Cook!!! Take the time to learn and try some new recipes off the internet. Internet and specially YouTube are an excellent medium that teach you to whip up at home, delicious grandeur cravings we'd normally had to step out for! (Please dusre taraf se mat lena, ghar se bahar mat niklna saaman laane cooking ke liye nahi toh bahut marenge! Jo ghar pe hai ussi se banao)

P.S- Me a chef not by choice but with no choice! ha ha tried making Aloo bhujiya today but the aloo(potatoes) looked more frightened than me in these trying times!

Number 4: You can also try to indulge in some art therapy with water colors, crayons and pencil! (now don't come running to me that you don't know art, arrey everybody is an artist) Atleast try to color within the lines and make whatever the hell you want, nobody is giving you marks for that, and c'mon messy business is fun! Picasso!

Want a picture of me painting, arry no no, I make weird faces while painting, well you can see my artwork on my Instagram (saloni_sinha_08)

Number 5: Adore your garden (terrace garden, rooftop garden etc at your own house, btw really sorry for the people devoid of this opportunity) Getting your hands dirty with some planting and potting! Positivity goes notches higher when you surround yourself with plants at home. The green is soothing, brings a sense of calm, and sets the mood. Plus it's a symbolic reminder of how we're still growing, even through all this.

This is an alluring picture of my rooftop garden, and the naughty sun sneaking in between my picture (or you can call it my photography skills, naah no filters of course!)

You can also spend some time to watch out the clouds changing specially when it's breezy! It's adorable and so damn peaceful.

Yes I clicked this picture, and it's my hand!

Number 6: Reading, from empowering yourself with knowledge to letting your imagination run wild, setting down cosily with a book is reserved for my afternoons after lunch. Read all the books that you've collected over time to read it later (later is now, read it!)

Please choose to read a good book over reading to much rumours or the fake news doing the rounds on social media. If you want you can choose not to see the news if that brings too much of negativity, however I don't encourage unawareness.

It's me reading a super amazing book, want some suggestions for some good books? Do ask for that in the comment section below, I'd be more than happy to help :)

Number 7: Music is my healing, it lifts me, and sometimes even help me drifts me. It can transport you to imaginary or real times, known or unknown, happened or might happen or might never happen. It can also take you happier times spent with family and friends, also take you to a certain memory, that can make you smile. Opt for sounds that soothe your soul even the clanking, clapping or beating of loud drums. You can call music as Saloni's immunity booster, it's peace, it's tranquility, it's a part of me. I cannot think of doing workout or doing projects or travelling (don't travel in these times I swear I'll tear you into pieces, unless necessary) without music. I just can't imagine a world without music. Music is a blessing!

If you want some music suggestions DM me! I swear I have a good playlist that will make your day, anyway!

Number 8: And what you do when you think of your family and friends??..... You call them! Share what you are feeling, open up, voice yourself, share a laugh! You will be left lighter and better after this I promise :)

Number 9: Don't we all deserve some time to destress and for self care. Go do get a warm water bath or a cold water bath as you want and relax, do some skin care, stay hydrated, workout in the evening sweat out, get that heart racing. Meditate, dance, yoga, sing and exercise so much to do, all inside our homes!

Number 10: Spend time with your pets (I am really sorry if you don't have one, my heart goes out to you) They outpour love and appreciation , they have a tremendous positive impact on your mental health. AND NO THEY ARE NOT CARRIERS OF THIS VIRUS.

I have a Tinfoil Barb in my aquarium named Pillu, and its picture goes below.

It's saying, "Bas karo itni photos mat lo, celeb wali feeling aari hai" hehe I leave no stone unturned to irritate it! It's a very loyal fish especially to me, but at times it gets annoyed (yes from me only ughh).

Number 11: Yess it's Netflix only, you must be thinking arry ye kaise bhul gayi! Watch netflix, hotstar, YouTube, and so much to binge on!! Watch all those series and videos that you queued to watch later, (later is now, watch it!). But don't go to the extent of spoiling your eyes like I did!

Number 12: Pray! Prayers for your well being, for your family, for those in pain. If you are reading this you are privileged enough. May you be endowed with spiritual intelligence. Trust in God and his process. Be grateful for all the things you have and you are entitled to. Pray when you wake up and before going to the bed. God might not be seen but he's with you, he's obsessed with you, and he is hearing you always! Talk to him, sort out things, confess everything! Believe me nothing will give you more peace than this. Light some scented candles and incense sticks, and wait, hang right in there....

Okay, so that's all for today!

Do attend online classes if you are a school/college student, atleast it will help spend some time to change your thoughts.

Do eat well and healthy, your immunity is all what you need right now.

Stay hygienic, wear your masks, sanitize and take all the necessary precautions. We all will get through this. God bless each one of us!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive, sending love! Muahh!!


-Saloni Sinha

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