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With amusing samples from movies, albums, popular quotations and more, WordUp is the best way to learn English words and understand them profoundly. It is unlike any software you've seen before for vocabulary builders!

Here at WordUp, we know that no one in the dictionary knows any English word, even you... and that's okay! But how amazing does it feel to know that you know most of the important and more commonly used words, if not all of them?

In either case, the innovative method of WordUp to learning new English words and extending your vocabulary would leave you feeling secure. WordUp will recognize the main words you don't know and give you enjoyable and entertaining opportunities to learn them, whether you are a fluent English speaker or your English just requires more work.

Our clinically validated space repetition approach can teach you deserving and commonly used terms as well as concentrate on one word at a time, helping to maintain long-term memory and concentrating only on you and your development.

Centered on 4 basic steps, it works:

1. Evaluate yourself

2. Find out which phrases you do not know

3 .Learn phrases in order of meaning

4. Learning vocabulary in the right way

The most intresting feature of wordup is that you get a visual depiction of the word which helps you understand it much better and in an easy way ,helps us remember it longer .

We can play vocab Games like smart eyes , , said what , Confuse me, Spell it and we can also search a word and its meaning.

WordUp should be used by anyone, and here are few examples of why there are many reasons why:

-To generally develop the vocabulary and comprehension of words - Native English speakers

-To learn English from scratch and to extend your horizons - Non-native English speakers

-English teachers -a method or type of AFLL in the classroom

- Employer - a way to boost the opportunity to connect at work

-Government officials - standardize language skills, regardless of department or position,

Link - Wordup

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