The Technology we couldn't live without

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Technology today helps people in many different ways. From transportation to communication to entertainment an much more .The available forms of technologies just keeps increasing, and many are heavily dependent on them. Being able to access the internet and different things.

We use calls and chats: It is hard to imagine our life in the lockdown without calls or chats . People have use video-calls to get in contact with friends and family, and meetings.In the lockdown many people couldn’t meet their loved ones but due to video calls it made it easier for them to share and connect with them.

We find our way: Since the GPS was introduced by the military in the 80’s; a navigation system is a necessity for people to help them reach their final destination. It is now a common sight to see people leaned over their smartphone as they track themselves on a map towards their destination.

We shop online: Most people shop online, and some even prefer it for reasons like saving time, avoiding crowds and the availability to compare prices. It is a boon for many enterpreneurs .

We manage our money online: Nowadays do most people use online banking rather than doing traditional bank visits. Additionally, people are increasingly using apps on their mobile phone to do transactions, check their balance, and to pay their bills.

We share pictures and moments online: You know what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Most people have the ability to take a picture whenever and wherever with their mobile phones, and can quickly share a moment via social media with giving very little, or no explanation.

We need Google : Last but not least, there's research. Nobody likes to search through a bunch of old books for hours trying to find a small piece of information when you could have pages of all the facts you need with just the click of a mouse. With google , almost any problem you have can be solved just by pressing a few buttons.

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