The Role Of Students In Nation Building

Abraham Lincoln said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it" This is the superpower for which all students are endowed - to create the future. This reality is completely ignored by most of them. We constantly reflect on things for ourselves, our friends and our families to do. So how does it feel for the bigger picture to do something? For our country's greater cause? That already feels fine, doesn't it? There's nothing else that will deter you if you have the ambition and the ability to participate. What one has to do is make a decision and check for opportunities to do your bit.

Students would need to create a culture, an infrastructure and a democratic structure that serves people's fundamental needs, so that they are not motivated by poverty, injustice and unemployment. Perhaps most notably, it means educational growth. By observing the eminent trendsetters who have carved a niche for themselves and who individually had a huge positive influence on nation building, we are still students and can also make a difference on how things happen around us.

Armstrong Pame, popularly identified as the 'Miracle Man,' the 2010 batch IAS officer, has constructed a 100 km long road known as the 'Peoples' Road '- linking Manipur to Nagaland and Assam.Without any financial support from the government, but from the funds provided by the general public and money generated by social media, he constructed the 'People' Path '. He then went ahead and donated to the cause from his own income.

Toni Morrison, renowned author and professor and recipien