The most awaited thing of 2021 to be - COVID 19 Vaccine

The planet is in the face of a pandemic involving COVID-19. They are racing to create and deploy secure and reliable vaccines while the WHO and collaborators collaborate together on the response—tracking the pandemic, consulting on crucial measures, delivering essential medical resources to those in need.

Per year, vaccines save millions of lives. Vaccines work to detect and fend off the viruses and bacteria they attack by exercising and preparing the normal defenses of the body —- the immune system. When the body is then exposed to such disease-causing germs, the body is ready to kill them instantly, avoiding sickness.

More than 50 vaccine candidates for COVID-19 are currently in trials. Via the ACT Multiplier, WHO works in partnership with science, industry, and public health organisations to speed up the pandemic response. COVAX (led by WHO, GAVI and CEPI) will promote fair access and delivery of these vaccines as a safe and efficient vaccine is discovered Vaccines in both countries to protect lives. People who are more at risk will be given preference. While we work fairly to introduce a healthy and efficient vaccine, we need to maintain the vital efforts of public health to suppress transmission and reduce mortality.

The List of Vaccines which are currently prominent -

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