The Harsh Truth of Reality Shows

Indian audience loves to watch reality shows - lockdown or no lockdown. But, has the time come to call out the shows on Indian television that are hiding under the garb of reality? Are they really real, and if yes, then to what extent?

There's nothing short of drama in Indian reality shows. Any contestant and judge is prepared to shed a tear at the drop of a hat. It all felt so true when it  began at the beginning of the 2000s. Thus, like a rocket fleeing our atmosphere, the TRP of reality shows shot up. As we became used to it, though, the picture became apparent that it was all staged.

Reality Shows is made basically for adults and without proper knowledge and understanding, children can be misled by it. Children who are left to watch these shows on television can often be baffled at the display and can take them as behavior expected out everyone, especially themselves and their peers.

Even children note how individuals organize and plan against each other to win the award. And they have the habit of being imitated, particularly by adults. It can have a negative effect on them to watch these shows and they may pick up acts of aggression, mistaken identity, stealing, abusing, and ditching their own families and friends.