The Case of Our Average Student.

A Nerd. A creature who apparently doesn't do any work but gets tired the most .A Master Procrastinator. The average Student is called many Names. However,here there is more to this person than meets the eye. Read further to know more about how the average student's mind works.

No Student Wants to Fail. You may argue that many of them fail, but the keyword hear is "want". They may not want to Work hard but Ultimately would like to succeed in all fields they set their eyes on, after all, who would say no to success? However, A majority of students work day and night to get that admission, to get that grade, or to just get better at a particular subject they want to be good at.Let me give you a glimpse of the world through this person's Point of View.

Let's Take a Student "A" Who Has been working tirelessly their life to get grades and be at the top, But isn't really successful...Always coming in second to the "topper" or being suddenly Overtaken by "The surprise kid". All they want is To be settled in their future with a good style of living life. And they are ready to work towards that goal too!

Now A just wants to be good and He can't afford to Have his performance getting bad. He just has two options- Either Bring home those constant marks or get better gradually. Getting bad marks at something isn't acceptable. But Of course, Things never work out according to plan,isthe ,i,,.s the do they?

Their life gets harder as The Standards increase.The Exams are tougher, The textbook are larger and time is ticking.At this point the student has a plan figured out. They think about the 3 most integral parts of Life- Studying, Social Life and Sleep.

Studying is a term that needs no explanation, Social life is referring to the relations of A with his colleagues/friends/relatives. These relations may or may not have an impact on your future But it's always good to have a few people on your side. And last but definitely not the least Sleep-The pleasurable activity that gives you rest and makes you energetic enough to start the next day with renewed vigor.

Now...Here comes the tricky part. You can't pick all three of them.You can just choose to prioritize two of them above the other one. You can Study and Sleep in an Orderly manner but have no one to vent to during a crisis. You can study and make a great social impact but miss out on sleep. And of course you can have tons of sleep and make a load of friends but not have an academic score to back you up Because of lack of study..

1/3 rd of a person's life is utilized/wasted (2 ways to look at it) in trying to strike a balance between the 3 and failing miserably. But It is very very important to make a choice now itself about which area you want to leave out. As all things go Extremism is harsh, So you always have the third thing available.But not in abundance.

For instance you fulfill your quota of 8 hours sleep time and a 12-15 hour study time but you definitely will have friends and parents to support you, Just at a lower extent.

Another problem which students have to face is The Evil of Procrastination. For those unknown, Procrastination is the term used for describing the event where you keep ignoring a project/assignment/task to be done and end up doing it last day.Its like an unpleasent gift from past you to future you. The problem about this is that if it becomes a habit its going to go downhill pretty soon...

There is no Fixed solution for procrastination, mainly because Even if you do make a plan ,It is upto you whether you follow it or not. And trust me when I say that no one follows a plan. The truth is that the time you use up in order to make up a timetable or schedule is wasted because like it or not, It never works out that way.

Lets say you made a plan to study each subject in your school for 45 minutes.Now you may finish English in 15 minutes but take an hour for science. A plan never works out.

The best way to counter this is To make a list of goals. Make a list of goals that you need to complete in the day no matter what but dont assign a particular time to those tasks.Whenever you get the time you will refer to the list and get the work done.

As long as your future goes,Its better to leave it in the shadows.After all ,is it any fun knowing where you will be in 10 years instead of working and hoping for the best? Thats the power of a student.A student Is Powered by stress and fear.Those two factors are the ones which drive students to better descision making and get better in the process.

Too Long Didn't Read: Just Have Fun! You don't have to worry manually as the stress and fear are gonna catch up to you anyways. So it's better to work in a carefree manner till as long as you can and then let the stress drive you to Target. Keep Your Goals in Mind at all times and don't let anyone else's words affect you unless they want to bring about a positive change.

Good Luck Average Student ;)

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