Some unknown TERRIFIC facts about the Royal Family

THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY is one of the most talked about family. The queen and her close family members comprise of the royal family. There is no such written restriction about who shall be included in it. The members who are given the title of His/ Her Royal Highness and likely called as His/ Her Majesty are considered to be a part of this well known and prestigious family. The Royal family plays an important role in supporting and encouraging the public sector. They perform charity events and have trust funds under their names. They also have a huge hand in supporting the Armed Services. They play a major role in strengthening the national unity and interests of citizens.

Here are some of the astonishing facts about the Royals:

1. The Royal Highness celebrates 2 birthdays.

This tradition has been into practice since the reign of King George II. He decided to combine the summer military march with his own birthday. The Queen’s official birthday is celebrated on a range of dates in the different countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. It is celebrated on a national basis and mass celebrations take place. The second is her authentic birthday celebrated on the 21st of April. This birthday is celebrated with close family members privately.

2. Non-Royals are not allowed to touch Royals.

Nobody is allowed to have a physical contact with the Royals, especially The Monarch. Queen Elizabeth II set forth a pattern that encourages royals to keep their hands to themselves. One should greet them by nodding and a very formal handshake.

3. Royal women always put on a natural shade of nail polish.

In case one may have noticed, the monarch always has a stand out outfit. But that is not the case when it comes to their nails. It’s custom for women to have a light and decent shade for their nails. Nothing that is glittery or is very bright is accepted. The Queen in fact favors a shade of the brand, Essie. The shade is called Ballet Slippers.

4. The Royals must weigh themselves ‘before’ and ‘after’ Christmas Dinner.

The Monarchy and their guests must step onto ancient scales before and after being a part of the Christmas celebrations. This is a practice started by King Edward VII. He was concerned that the guests weren’t eating enough. He started this to ensure everyone is well fed.

5. Royals typically don’t often use a surname.

Before 1917, the Royals didn’t actually use a surname. They were just referred by the dynasty or house they belonged. But in 1917, George V adopted ‘Windsor’ not only as the name of the house, but as a surname for the family. The Queen's children, on occasions when they needed a surname, would have the surname Mountbatten-Windsor.

6. Men married into the family don’t instantly become King.

Getting married to a Queen doesn’t give the man a right to ascend the throne. The Queen’s husband is titled as ‘Prince’ or ‘King-consort’, and not ‘King’. It may sound a bit different but that’s true. On the contrary women who marry the Kings are entitled as Queen or Queen-consort. This is because King’s title reflects a man’s sovereignty while the Queen’s title is used symbolically. This is followed by the Highness herself. Her husband, Prince Philip is not called ‘King’ and has no claim to the throne.

7. Royal luggage is totally colour coded.

In order to display values of organization and management, the royals colour-code their luggage. Tags of separate colours are put on by members of the family on their suitcases. Each bag has two tags. The coloured one denotes the place that item is supposed to be delivered and other tag is for displaying the name of the owner.

8. Usage of some common English words is banned among the Royals.

This is the one that startled me the most. In order to portray royalty and appropriate behavior, the Family is restricted to use some basic words. It is said that this is done to seem different from a commoner. Some of there basic words include – tea, pardon, toilet, couch, lounge, function, perfume, refreshments and others! It is believed that some of these words have an American origin. They are used by middle-class category people and don’t sound appropriate. So, if any of you get a chance to encounter the Royal Family, better be careful to use ‘Well Dignified’ words!

Don’t these facts sound bizarre to you? Aren’t they out of the world? Well, after all mates, it is The Royal Family we’re talking about. They are called so for a very particular reason. Discipline is the back bone of this family.

Niharika Farande

17 th March, 2021.

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