Skill Development

Priyanshi is a girl of 16, an excellent writer, a singer and loves drama, also I should not forget to mention the fact that she is has a YouTube channel where she flaunts and preaches her cooking skills.

Yes, definitely she is a school student too!

But what makes her unique?

Some little or more extra skills?

Skills that actually make you stand out to others, that make you unique, those are basically not inherited skills.

So, what type of skills are these?

Should one start a YouTube channel like Priyanshi does, or should one start writing just to come out and be unique.

Well to be honest a big no no!

Skills that can enhance your own abilities, skills that when acquired presents a better version of you. Today’s GenZ generation has all the resources to absorb a lot of skills and also at the same time give so much out.

The world is changing constantly, and so many job opportunities are increasing day by day. All you need to know is what is that skill that when if developed can bring out numerous benefits to you and to the society. Earlier these skills were called hobbies, which people used to practice as a side hustle, but now these skills can turn into job opportunities and at the same time as a means to earn.

Your skills can be the same as your interests or niche.

Do you like filling colors in enclosed lines? Are you amazing in social media algorithm and management? Are you the one whose voice like that of a nightingale is pleasure to ears? Are you a pianist? Do you like listening to problems and solving it? Do you love chopping that vegetable and deep frying? Are you the one who does not miss even a single beat while vibing? Are you the one is involved in politics? Does your pen does magic when it meets the paper? …….

Well have you ever thought that these are real life skills that are actually undiscovered and when brought out to the world can do wonders!

What matters the most in skill development is the ‘curiosity’

Learning and experience is driven by curiosity. Curiosity to know more to dig into whatever you are and basically to be involved and consistent at the same time, and also the ability to continue with your skills.

But what is not okay with today’s youth is that they lack patience. They want instant results like two-minute noodles. You can never compare your level one with someone’s level ten. I had a friend who started online business of bakery, and sadly she gave up because she saw no progress happening and all the people in her niche were so successful. She was an excellent baker, but what she didn’t know is that “progress needs time, patience and energy”

Read that again ……“Progress needs time, patience and energy”

Now coming back to point zero, “I don’t know what skills do I possess?”

Go find them!

Dig deep inside yourself, what are the things you enjoy? Why do you enjoy that? What is the last thing you were complimented for? If not, are you willing to learn a new skill? Do you like learning? If someone shares or teaches you a new skill, would you be able to keep it and use it in the long run?

There are so many courses, workshops available for skill development, anything you want to learn is on your screen!

These skills can also be basic life skills that probably everyone should know, communication skills, working with a team, critical thinking, having the audacity to question the traditions before actually following them.

Being privileged and not reaping the benefits of being that is the biggest underprivilege.

Like if we take examples from the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw how much the youth and social media had influence on that, most of them were sharing resources of the oxygen cylinders, collecting plasma donors, helping out to those in need with clothes and food. To help in the need of the hour is also a skill!

Many of them also opted for freelancing, from which they are earning and also at the same time contributing to the well-being of the society.

Jealous of these people?? Why? Have you not any skills??

Then what are you waiting for start digging in yourself, dream big and act now!

Lots of love!

And also, don’t forget to mask up. Stay safe 😊

-Saloni Sinha

Instagram @saloni_sinha_08

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