Self Love


What does self love mean?

Self love is taking care of your own well-being, putting your comfort and happiness as a priority and not letting anyone destroy that for you. Making choices that favour your needs and contentment, is what loving yourself truely means.In today's times, 'self love' is a term that is popularly tossed around. But some like to believe that self love is a medium of being ignorant towards the people in the surroundings and only concerning personal profit. Such thoughts prove to be inaccurate. It is extremely essential to give your body and mind the kind of care and love it requires.

How to cultivate self love?

Motivating yourself to get through a rough patch, making it easy for your mind to let go off the negativity, having positive thoughts and positive people around, not letting anything or anyone ruin your hapiness, etc. are some ways to nurture yourself on a daily basis. It is important to remember that self love is not about vanity or to demean in order to make yourself feel superior.Rather, having a gentle and decent attitude makes you more at peace with yourself.

No person knows you better than your own self. Take a moment and think of the many things you want to hear other people say about you. Those are the things you need to tell yourself. That is how you will free yourself from the insecurities you're holding within. Sometimes, our mind needs to be assured that we are doing good and that everything is fine. Be that assurance for yourself.