Overcoming Writer's Block

Writer's block Is A phenomenon associated with Writers which basically revolves around the concept That After a Certain Period of time, Authors lose their Enthusiasm or rather Run Out of Topics Once can Explore. As Somewhat of a (Novice) Writer Myself I can confirm to have fallen prey to Writer's Block at least once, and I'm sure the same can be said about you, the readers, as well.

A lack of enthusiasm is Lethal and in some cases is devastating to the inner writer in all of us. Some people Want to Write About everything they witness and want to discuss it with others, however not all of us are programmed that way. Some People have an On-Off Urge to Write (Myself Included). Running out of topics may seem like an excuse made by a writer who wants to play the blame game at first, however, the Pandemic proves my point. The Pandemic has made all events worldwide come to a halt and the terror of Coronavirus is all that we can see and hear. Writing Only about a certain topic always gets Boring after a certain period of time.

But We are here for you. We aren't only Diagnosing The problem but also giving you a solution for it. So here are 10 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block:

1. Making a schedule:

Scheduling any task (like writing) beforehand Prepares your mind to do it and You can proceed without any Hesitation to complete the task. Just think about it in this way: You wake up Early and make a rough idea up in which you decide that you'll write about a unknown/known topic in the Evening. Throughout the day your Mind in a subconscious way is preparing you for the task in advance so that you can proceed.

2. Don't work sequentially:

Writing doesn't necessarily have to be a linear piece of work. You can write about different aspects of a topic in a non sequential order and it might make sense in most of the cases. Just Keep on Thinking about one thing. As Always One thing leads to Another in an idle mind and you'll have a good topic to write on. Research about it, Put in your thoughts and expert opinions and there you have the recipe of a good article. Now no matter whichever you put first, The Intensity of the articles meaning isnt bound to change. You may start with experts opinions and End with your research or vice versa .

3. Think about the Matter:

Whatever You write in the Body of the article will be here on reffered to as the Matter of the Article/Writing piece.

The Matter Defines an article which is why it should be concise yet descriptive and giving multiple insights about a topic. But Like we said earlier It doesn't require to be written in a sequence. You Need to just have a brief Idea of what you want to write about and you're Mind will automatically fill you in on what you need to write. You can start w=by writing generic statements like what the topic is, why its needed to be known, etc and then go on to tell its characteristics in the piece.

4.Change your Location:

A change in scenery or even A classic Desk/chair to a couch is sometimes enough to kickstart a superb article. A change in your surrondings affects your mind indirectly making it feel like its in a new place where it can start anew which is exactly one needs after a case of Writer's Block. One can say this a way of tricking your brain into helping you. Plus Writing in a place where the stress doesn't get to you is a plus point for many including me who is typing this one while chilling on my couch as it doesnt give you the feeling that this is some "work to be done" rather it feels like You like doing this as a hobby.

5. Note down Your Ideas:

Some Topics are such that they do not have a particular time limit to be Published within. For Instance generic topics like "What to get while shopping at XYZ plaza" Will never run out of steam while articles like " How to Play Pokemon Go" Etc run out as soon as the associated trend diminishes.In a time where Writing seems like a strain on you or the time when you're on a break make sure to write down the topics or ideas that strike you somewhere.It's very important as the Brain very much conveniently forgets what we should remember and remembers what we should forget....

6. Take a Real Break from Writing:

Cut Yourself some Slack, You have been doing your best as a writer and like everyone need a break even though you write with passion and writing is your hobby. And let me tell you that a writer's block is not a vacation as it is definitely everything but relaxing. You need to chill out an hang out with your friends.However keep an eye on any unusual or intresting things in your surrondings and note them down (Like in point 5 above) As they may be useful references in your future.

7. Do something Except Writing :

Other Activities, Be it as simple as sleeping, Playing Video Games or even Toll-Taking like Intense Workouts or studying can be viewed as a Ground for resting before you Write. Doing a new task before Writing almost always gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to finish your writings as well.

8. Challenge Yourself:

Give yourself a Target to get to within a fixed time limit. Try to write 100 words within 5 minutes or something along the lines of that. I challenged myself to write this article within an hour and as fate would have it, Its been more than 2 hours.....Well you aren't gonna be as stubborn as me after all, are you? It doesn't matter if you breach the time limit coz one day you'll catch up anyways.

9.Get Help:

It Always helps to have a fellow writer on the sidelines who is there to motivate you and help in the writing process. A new Person's Perspective will always help in discovering new aspects of a topic.Plus you may benefit from their company exactly how they will too. And No one rejects A Win-Win situation.

Last but Arguably The most Important:

10.Dont write to impress:

If you expect to please a particular sect of your viewers, I'm afraid you wouldn't get that far. Many writers over the years have ignored their opinions and ran along with the popular opinions while knowing that the right thing isn't the one they advertise. Many A Times it's this guilt that Manifests into Writers block resulting in them packing their bags from writing. You need to channel your inner voice and let it down no matter who finds your opinion as valid. It doesn't matter as its your opinion and you're describing what's happened. I'd Recommend to not go on the opinion side of things and just stick with the information but after all Your piece, Your choice.

And that is it folks. That in my opinion should be enough to get you back on track. As I'm still relatively new to writing, any advice would be accepted with a whole heart and constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Thanks for reading and Hope I was of some Assistance!!

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