Overcoming Social Anxiety Together

NOTE:This is not an Article written by a Medical Professional and Neither is it applicable to be Held as a Ground for Self-Diagnosis. This Article just Means to Create some Awareness regarding Social Anxiety.


We are currently in a time where We have had almost negligible social contacts with people outside of our homes and premises. A sudden Shift to a Post-Covid world may result in A Surge in the number of People suffering from Social Anxiety. Although it is Often brushed off as a Normal and A Not so serious "Condition", Social Anxiety is A Disorder which may Lead to Depression and in worst cases-Bipolar disorders which are a crippling form of mental disorder which affects a person's Daily life.

Statistically speaking there are a million people suffering from Social Anxiety in India alone. To Be able to Lead an Emotionally stable and A life free from Mental disorders of any sorts, it is advised to Combat Social Anxiety When one is Just displaying early indications. Before we Get on with how we can combat Social Anxiety,et us get to know a bit more about it and it's early Indicatives:

A Victim of Social Anxiety Is almost always worrying intensely about social situations involving people both Known and Unknown and in some worse cases, Start worrying for days or weeks before an event. Even if They do attend an Event, They Are almost Invisible and Are Hesitant to start a Conversation with others in attendance. They are constantly in fear of Getting embarrassed by themselves by doing something which is not even noticed by many people. They are shown to Think that they are being watched by People and feel Uncomfortable in Social Conditions.

In some Cases, The Person even displays Physical Traits such as Blushing,Fast heartbeat,Trembling,Sweating,Upset stomach or nausea,Trouble catching your breath, Dizziness or lightheadedness,Feeling that their mind has gone blank and Muscle tension,etc. This disorder can be worsened by physical disturbances such as a serotonin imbalance.( Serotonin is a brain chemical that assists in mood control) These conditions can also be caused by an overactive amygdala (a brain structure that regulates fear response and anxiety feelings or thoughts).

Anxiety disorders may be passed down through generations. Researchers aren't sure if they're due to genetic influences, however. For example, a child can develop an anxiety disorder by inheriting the actions of a parent who suffers from anxiety. Anxiety disorders may develop in children who are raised in overprotective or controlling environments.You can't enjoy your life because of social anxiety disorder. You'll stay away of situations that most people regard as "normal." You may be puzzled as to how others are able to handle them so quickly.

It has an effect on your personal relationships if you avoid all or most social circumstances. It can also result in: Low self-confidence, Thoughts that are negative, Depression ( a mental illness that gives rise to Low self-confidence),Critical Sensitivity, Social illiteracy, etc which will cause Dysfunctionality in The Person's Future.

The treatment of Social Anxiety mainly relies on a blend of Psychotherapy with prescription medications. The various options are psychological methods geared towards helping someone change their behavior to something desirable. There is a common stereotype associated with going to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist, but millions of people go and benefit from it. There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of to be diagnosed with Social Anxiety.

One can try asking their primary care physician for a referral to a therapist or mental health professional. There is also an increasing number of websites that can help match you with a professional based on your symptoms, schedule, and health insurance. However it is Recommended to consult a Doctor Asap about this matter. Thank You for reading the Article. Please Feel Free to Express your Points of View down Below. Have a Great day Ahead!

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