Let's Be Positive in Lockdown 2.0

We have been going through a very tough time at home since the outbreak of Coronavirus. The Covid-19 Pandemic has shattered our plans and hope of life coming back to normalcy. With some relief and ease After the First wave, we are again in Lockdown 2.0 (Second Wave)

Watching all the Devastating News about Covid-19, which is telecasted

24 X 7, increases our stress and anxiety.​The world has gone for a toss with this pandemic and it is making it more difficult for people to stay positive. We are surrounded by the news of death from all sides and each one is devastated by this fact.

Staying positive is vital not only for personal well-being and mental health but also for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and remaining productive. It takes a lot of energy and commitment to be motivated at this moment.

Here are some suggestions to stay positive during the coronavirus lockdown:

Control and Filter Digital Usage

As Mentioned Earlier watching excessive news about the pandemic or the harms it has caused may cause stress and anxiety.

There is a constant surge of information like fake news, rumours can prove to be overwhelming for all of us on social media. Some of the forwarded messages make you believe in something that is far from reality. While in lockdown, filter or block out any sources that are spreading negative or fake news.

Laughter is a medicine

Try to spend more time with family. Sit and laugh with them, lockdown is an opportunity to spend quality time with your family that might never come again, so make the most of it. It's important to know that you'll get through this and that better days will be waiting for us all after this time passes.

Physical exercise

There is no point in being a couch potato all day long, even if you are working from home. Though we may not be able to play football, Tennis at home, we can always do Different Types Of Yoga Asanas, Pushups, Suryanamaskars, and Meditation.

Household Chores

To beat the boredom in lockdown, we indulge ourselves in various household chores like cleaning, washing, dusting, doing laundry, etc. Even in activities like cooking. Lockdown is a golden opportunity for us to learn to develop critical life skills.

Take up a Hobby

Lockdown gives us the opportunity to revive all those hobbies you left undone.  We can do things which we enjoy, such as reading, painting, sketching, writing, singing, dancing, baking,learning play Musical Instruments and so on. We can also learn new skills by surfing the internet.

To look up More on skills we can Learn online checkout our Article - Link 

A Helping Hand to the Society

It’s important to lend help to Society during this crisis. Let's Try to help people in whatever way possible. Helping others can help you cope with the lockdown.

This includes an increase in positive mood and happiness, greater satisfaction, better sleep. We feel grateful for each day, at the end of your day.

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