Kinds of rest that we Need in Our Life

For the body, sleeping is as essential as eating well and exercising. We mostly think of physical and mental recovery when we speak of rest. That's not real, though. Don't be surprised when we tell you that from time to time there are even more forms of rest we need. Here is a list of seven forms of rest we all need in an informative post on Instagram by Tasha Bailey, a stress specialist and therapist.

The pandemic and homework need us to be turned on and open all the time. If one does not take proper rest and rests, being open all the time will potentially lead to burning out. This is a list of the kinds of rest we need:

1. Physical Rest

Physical rest is, as it sounds, just as it sounds. Bailey wants individuals to "ensure the body can recharge by allowing it to slow down and repair." Certain forms of physical rest can include having naps, going to bed early than normal, doing yoga and taking time out to eat your lunch comfortably.

2. Psychic/ Mental rest

Once again, mental rest is just like it looks - taking a moment and physically refresh when we find it's hard to focus. For one, it can help us get some mental rest by unplugging from electronics, attempting optimistic affirmations or playing your favorite music.

3. Emotional Rest

"Offloading emotional baggage" ,   Share your thoughts with someone who you love. If you don't feel comfortable talking to a friend, relative, maybe attempt to talk to a psychiatrist.

4. Social rest

Social rest refers to,"restoring ourselves through connecting with our tribe and mentors,"restoring ourselves through connecting with our tribe and mentors. Social rest, to put it in plain terms, involves reconnecting with oneself. A few activities you can love are rebuilding yourself by talking to our counselor and colleagues and sharing time with people who assert us.

7. Spiritual rest

Spiritual rest is the last mode of rest emphasized by the psychiatrist. She says, "We need this to feel anchored and realigned with our sense of purpose and harmony," It will help you gain spiritual rest by reading scriptures or theological writings, meditating and volunteering. You should consider taking a few deep breaths if you have not tried meditation yet.

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