Is Online Education Really Effective ?

With the emergence and spread of COVID-19 in India, online education has trickled down to the most basic level — schools and colleges !

Online Education is marketed as a means for parents to complete their schooling and children to study the content at their own rate. For those with busy lives, it is much more compatible.Being a student I know that online Education is not the promising tool for schooling that they are made out to be.

A sense of willingness and ability to understand is absent. In online Education students are clearly not inspired. They are typically basic and are time-efficient, but the effects of student learning appear to be mediocre. Instead of actually engaging with the content, students merely complete their assignments and get credit for a passing score.

In online Education a large number of students are there in the same class, most of the tasks are short and quick. Assignments are structured to be conveniently graded to handle such a huge number of students instead of being activities where students can engage more in detail with the content.

The lack of face-to-face contact with the teacher and their learners is probably the greatest drawback to taking an online class.

Live sessions are uncommon, because since students have to take other classes or work, they are mostly held during the middle of the day. The teacher's office hours can often be problematic for many students at inconvenient periods as well.

For students, it is almost difficult to establish a friendship with their professor.

In order to explain details or to express their own thoughts with the class, students Don't raise their hands to ask questions during a lecture. This makes it harder for learners to grasp the information and develop new links in their brains.

Between students, there is also little interaction. Creating research groups and establishing relationships with their peers can be harder. Students do not have the same chances in their profession to make lifelong contacts or network with individuals. Many connections are through emails, conversation chains, or community chats. If it is still there at all, face-to-face contact is minimal.

Either a computer or laptop and a secure internet connection are often needed for online classes. Not all students, whether for financial or other purposes, have access to these types of services and that can place them at a disadvantage to their other classmates.

Certainly, delivering online courses benefits students who otherwise would not be able to attend in-room class sessions. However, rather than critical thought, they struggle to have a true curriculum with a focus on comfort. To restructure ourselves, we need online courses so that learners will have a learning environment that can really deliver quality education.

Some important points about online learning and teaching -

1) Classroom Teaches life skills

I comply with the fact that, as the situation calls for it, it is the need of the hour to hold virtual courses. Still, in my view, when juniors or young teenagers learn a lot more, classroom instruction will still be favored over virtual learning. Regular encounters with teachers and peers strengthen their ability to cope and educate them on how to live in a group. In addition, schools arrange contests and tests that result in the learning of skills needed in everyday life.

2)Both styles have their own place,

Virtual instruction as well as classroom classes all have their own meaning. Virtual learning became more critical in these pandemic days, so that the education of children is not disrupted. Classrooms are important when the kids sit together and focus on a single topic. In such an atmosphere, they are capable of acquiring new things and the teacher has their full attention. Therefore, all modes of guidance have their own location.

3) Many distractions in online learning

These days, online education is a must. While it offers a pupil a chance to think, it distracts them as well. They start surfing other things until the educational lessons are over. The result of learning is thus unpredictable and not necessarily optimal. Training is not limited solely to the syllabus; instruction, etiquette, morality, and contact with other students and teachers are also included. It is difficult to insert these characteristics by online teaching. In reality, I agree that the school education system should not be very oriented toward smart classes. Instead, some time should be dedicated to teaching moral principles and discipline in every classroom. In addition, as their ability to recall and maintain knowledge reduces, access to online media is not safe for students.

3) The only choice right now is simulated learning

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, students are left with no other alternative but simulated learning. The teachers try their hardest to educate the kids online and have even asked them to email them if they encounter any learning difficulties. However, classroom learning is better than simulated learning because it is easier to grasp ideas in the classroom.

4) Perhaps not ideal, but it serves the function

Virtual learning has proved to be a shred of hope for students and teachers in those days where desperate steps are being taken. I am carrying out six months of industrial training by simulated courses. We will clarify why this process has its pros and cons. For eg, several tech solutions and apps such as Zoom, Webex, Amazon Chime, and the Microsoft team allow for video conferencing in this virus outbreak. It is possible to exchange technological tools and facilities to support the learning process, but we can only virtually communicate, while classroom learning requires physical contact between the students and the teacher. The fact that the program or framework used by the interactive classroom is safe must also be taken care of. In addition, simulated classrooms have such specifications, such as steady access to the internet and an interface such as a laptop/computer or cell phone. Therefore, for the economically poorer segment, simulated learning may not be a convenient choice. Digital learning can not be as great as learning in the classroom, but it fits the goal of a pandemic.

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