Is Navi Mumbai better than Mumbai?

Updated: May 25, 2021

Disclaimer - This article does not attempt to create a bias between the residents of Navi Mumbai and Mumbai and is not claiming one of them to be better than the other. This is not the writer's opinion but is a statement of facts that have been compiled with greatest care and research. Please do not be offended by this article. Both the Cities Have their own Uniqueness and this Article is just a practical Comparison between the Two.

A Mumbai-The city that Never sleeps and Navi Mumbai-The city that is well known for its planning and architecture. Both cities are excellent in their own ways! Being born in Vashi, My hometown is Navi Mumbai. One is a Metropolitan and the financial capital of a rapidly growing economy while the other is Renowned for its Rapid Development, A Commendable State of Living, and Its Cleanliness throughout the country. However, Some very concrete points that can be made for a comparison between NM and Mumbai are stated below:

1) Planning

Navi Mumbai is one the most planned city in India, comparatively Mumbai is very densely populated. Since Navi Mumbai is well-planned city it has seen ​robust growth in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate

2) Population

The population of Navi Mumba is very less as compared to the population of Mumbai. Mumbai is a densely populated city ( 20,000 people/ and Navi Mumbai density less dense (4167 people/   . The population of Navi Mumbai must be about 1.5 million while the population of Mumbai must be about 13 million. Personally, I feel Navi Mumbai is a peaceful place to live.

3) Environment

Navi Mumbai hasbeen one of the attractions for photographers. Navi Mumbai is full of gardens as it is a planned city by CIDCO. People who love gardens will love Navi Mumbai way more than Mumbai. Navi Mumbai has a balance between trees and buildings, everywhere even in the most modern area you will see trees.

4) Pollution

Navi Mumbai has fewer number of factories and industries, so it's less polluted right from start resulting in less pollution. Navi Mumbai is also better than Mumbai in terms of traffic and Roads.


Nightlife in Navi Mumbai is normal compared to Mumbai, parents can always have a sigh of relief listening to that. Navi Mumbai is a smaller place and cops are stationed everywhere, so it's quite safe and places breaking deadlines can be easily spotted.

5) Cleanliness

Navi Mumbai definitely happens to be cleaner than Mumbai in many ways. The roads, streets, footpaths tend to be cleaner than the ones in Mumbai and hence better to live in. It has better-equipped railway stations. Mumbai as a city lacks overall cleanliness. Navi Mumbai is always ranked in the top 5 in Swatchata Abhiyan by the Government of India. The waste is segregated properly as per instructions of the municipal corporation and the system is efficient.

7) Other Factors

Several other Factors like upcoming Airport, D.Y Patil Stadium, APMC Market, L&T is Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Jewel of Navi Mumbai, The Palm Beach Road Navi Mumbai is now becoming a thriving commercial and industrial hub, seamlessly connected with Mumbai.


Navi Mumbai and Mumbai are not two different cities and are always considered one , both have different uniqueness and drawbacks and Navi Mumbai and Mumbai are both going to be the Cities of tomorrow.

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