How to Write a Blog ? Benifits of Blogging

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

A blog is an online publication or diary located on a website. Usually, a blog's material includes text, photographs, animations, animated GIFs, and even scans from old offline paper diaries or journals and other hard-copy records. A blog owner should set their blog for private or public access, as a blog can function only for personal use, exchanging information with an exclusive community or to engage the public.

Structure of Blogs

The appearance of blogs has changed over time. Some blogs have most

The standard characteristics and arrangement. Here are some popular characteristics that a standard blog would Include:

Header with the navigation bar or menu

Key content area with blog posts illustrated or recent

Sidebar with social accounts, favorite content, or call-to-action

A footer with suitable connections, such as a disclaimer, privacy policy, contact tab, etc.

How to write a Five Quick Steps blog post

Step 1: By selecting a topic, making an overview, executing your blog post, schedule your blog post.

Analysis and reality testing.

Step 2: Have an enticing title for it.

Step 3: Draft a headline which is both descriptive and will catch the interest of the reader.

Step 4 : Have an introduction, lead and final paragraph summarizing the blog. Attach a personal memory of yours.

Step 5 : Use photos to boost your message, Add some videos for Audio - Visual Understanding, enhance its flow, add satire, and clarify

Complicated themes. Using small paragraphs, phrases and vocabulary that are clear and short and simple .

The advantages of blogging are still numerous, while the blogging scene has grown over the last decade.

Why people blog and how your personal or professional life can benefit from blogging?

1) Expressing your passions

The world has shifted, but numerous blogs still exist that act as a forum for people to share their opinions, thoughts, and feelings. Blogging gives you the ability to interact and network with likeminded individuals who share the same interests, whether your passion is business, personal finance, cooking, politics, photography, or marketing.

2) Offer A Difference

The passions of some people lean toward a cause's support. A blog is a perfect way to create awareness and gather interest, whether it's a national, environmental or social cause.

3) Share Your Knowledge

Starting a blog will offer the ability to instruct those involved in your area of experience if you're someone who likes to teach. The best thing is that, when you create tools to educate others on your blog, you can discover that there is a potential to monetize your blog by developing online instructional goods or services.Blogging can give you a chance to speak up, express your views, and also create awareness.

4) Refine your Writing Skills

The more you compose, the happier it makes you become. Many skilled bloggers post on a daily basis and therefore actively critique and study their work. To help you become a better writer, you will also get reviews from readers.

Being a good author, though, is not a requirement for a popular blog.You can always Start with Scratch (Like I did).

5) Become an expert in your business

To highlight your insights and experience, a blog can be used as a forum. Publishing reliable, appropriate, important, and insightful blog posts will inevitably draw business insiders' interest and gain you respect as an authoritative source and opinion leader.

6) You're going to learn new things.

When you blog, you not only educate others. You also learn. First, since you need to know yourself to teach others, you can learn more about your niche. No matter what you publish, you can still learn a lot in other areas, such as online marketing.

There's a certain amount of marketing expertise you will need to improve the traffic to your blog, whether you want it or not. It will help to grow your understanding of email marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

7) You're going to interact with new friends

This is the most Important Of Part of Blogging, Connecting with others is one of its biggest advantages. On social networks or email lists, you don't just create any friends ,You create partnerships that are real. You make friends with people who maybe you wouldn't have known.

Everything that shocks many people is that by blogging they build a fan base. You can get noticed by people you've never met if you attend events in your industry. They're going to thank you for all the outstanding work you've done. Mainly the people you encounter at the start of your journey by blogging. If you carry on building your friendship with them, they will be your most faithful supporters.

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