Hitachi Park: Land of Blue Flowers in Japan

All the people who like blue color here's a park full of blue flowers for you. The Hitachi Seaside Park is a massive public park extending over an area of around 350 hectares in Ibaraki. This park is popular throughout the country for its numerous seasonal flowers that bloom throughout the year - narcissus and spring tulips, early summer nemophila and roses, summer zinnias, and fall Kochia and cosmos flowers.

You will walk through several small paths that will take you under the green canopy to get to the flower garden. Not only for its iconic flowers, Hitachi Seaside Park is impressive, but also for its incredibly large green space - a great location for those who enjoy nature.

However, people would instantly think of its famous Nemophila flowers while speaking of Hitachi Seaside Park. The season for this flower to bloom will be soon! Let's see some of the reasons why, at the start of May, you should probably check out this garden.

Baby Blue Eyes are commonly known as Nemophila. It is said that European-heritage newborn babies usually have blue eyes, no matter what color they will become later. As the name suggests, Nemophila is a round-shaped translucent flower with a sky-blue tint, as vivid and innocent as the eyes of an infant. In the vegetal world, this color is considered comparatively rare, and this may be the reason why it receives great attention.

Best Time to Visit Hitachi Park -

Nemophila is best seen from late-April to mid-May. You can see millions of tiny blue bell-shaped flowers scattering over Miharashi Hill in Hitachi Seaside Park during this period.

One of the unique aspects of this park is that you will appreciate the convergence of the blue of the ocean with the color of the sky and the blue of the Nemophila hills at this time of the year. This only occurs once a year, so make sure not to miss this moment!

Nemophila -

Nemophila flowers can look tiny and delicate, but a wonderful, unique strength is attributed to them: the power to heal. The essence of Nemophila helps boost the mental condition of people who have experienced a loss of affection during their youth, according to 'Crop Essence Repertory', a book by Patricia Kaminski. This flower's lovely hue also helps alleviate tension.

The Nemophila carries the definition of "success everywhere" in floral words. It's as if millions of flowers are ringing in the breeze when you see a Nemophila field, wishing you luck and pleasure. Being able to see this rare flower is a real blessing.

One of the most stunning public gardens in Japan is Hitachi Seaside Park. At no other time of the year, though, is this garden more splendid than when the Nemophila is in flower at the beginning of May. If you have the opportunity, visit this awesome park!

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