Here's What The Indian Youth are doing On National Youth Day

"Arise, awake, and stop not until the goal is achieved"-Swami Vivekananda

Since 1985, National Youth Day has been celebrated annually on 12 January. This day marks the anniversary of the birth of Swami Vivekananda. Each year, the day is celebrated to honor the principles and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda, who were extremely vocal about the role of youth in the nation-building process. In addition, the foray overseas of Swami Vivekananda helped revive the image of India as a land of spiritual importance. The Government of India, in 1984, declared his birthday as National Youth Day to honor his contributions to the country. The promotion of critical thought among young people, who are the future of the nation, is one of the key goals of National Youth Day.

The Youth of Any country are considered to be the Country's future. Almost 34 per cent of the Indian population are young people and they have the power to change the world. The country will ensure a better future by offering opportunities for young people to express themselves. Courses and classes are offered to young people on a wide variety of subjects to Educate them. Young people must be offered courses and resources that will allow them to better understand government and politics. Enabling an interest in governance can lead to fresher political faces and names that can alter the approach of the government through their ideas.

India's youth should have distinct opinions on every pressing issue in the country.

On National Youth Day, students of Delhi University engaged in various charitable activities amid the pandemic, to benefit others. Many self-motivated young people have come to the fore to combat the pandemic since the pandemic hit. This comes at a point where they'd have to think about having the perfect score in their final exams. Instead, some of the youth were engaged in acts of kindness and making a difference in the lives of the poor. The National Youth Day is observed all over India at schools and colleges, with processions, speeches, recitations, music, youth conventions, seminars, Yoga sessions , presentations, competitions in essay-writing, recitations and sports on 12 January. Due to the Pandemic, This Process was bought to a standstill This year. The youth Vow to follow the principles of Swami Vivekananda today which encourages young people to be seekers of truth, and become a driving force that changes society.Local clubs, colleges, and schools organize various competitions and events that are both fun and educational in which there is a large share of young participants.Many blood drives are organized on this day. So,that everyone can do some good for someone in need.However The pandemic may have affected some of these activities.

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