Have You Met Your 'Online Class' Friends?

It's been really dull these past few months. In Pandemic Time, schools went virtual. I was disappointed with only talking with my peers and not meeting them as an 11th grade student who is mindful that he will finish his school life in as short as two years. I wanted to visit my friends some time ago and we agreed to meet in a mall after convincing each other's parents and planning a lot. While I arrived the place a little late (as always), I was very excited to meet my virtual friends who were four months old.

I knew all Their names but had never seen them .I met Kshitij, Ishwar, Aryan, Lekraj, Atharva Sameer, Swaraj, Janhavi, and Yadynesh (Classmates ).

Yes, it was the first time I knew that I had forgotten how to talk, literally. I never thought that someone who was branded by any teacher in his life as a 'chat box' could ever feel this way. What's even more funny is that someone else who is technically like my peers even feels the same way. We wanted to play a 'Truth or Dare' game, just so that we could better understand each other. After all, we are all going to spend the last years of our school lives together. We agreed to order food after we were a little acquainted with each other.

It was magical to share meals with each other and take a dozen million pictures together. One good thing about the lockdown and the whole Covid situation is that the value of individuals in our lives has been recognized. The only things that can make you happy are not materialistic things. The activities that would really make you happy are laughing your hearts out with your loved ones, paying each other's bills, sharing your meals with each other.

I really miss my 'Physical' School Days , Hope everyone will be vaccinated soon and life will be back to normalcy.

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