Forbidden Places in The World: Places You CANNOT Visit (Part 1)

Because of the growing use of technology, it is difficult to believe that certain areas of the world remain unexplored and kept hidden. The less you know about these places, the more you want to visit them.

This is exactly how you would feel after reading about the world's most forbidden locations.

1. Lascaux Caves, France

The Lascaux Cave is a treasure trove for archaeologists around the globe. The cave complex contains pre-historic paintings that are 17,300 years old. The series of Paleolithic paintings that looks hauntingly vivid hugs the wall and depict animals like cattle, stags, bison and many more. Sadly, the cave is closed to the general public since 1963. Archaeologists believe that human presence might destroy the ancient work of art.

2.Area 51,USA

US military base used as testing ground for weapons and aircrafts and is believed to contain evidences on existence of aliens

3.Heard Island, Australia

Australia's Heard Island also known as A mysterious land of fire and ice.

The tallest mountain in Australia with its active volcano — is one of the country's best-kept secret and is the most unexplored places on the Earth. Heard and Mc Donald Island lies between Antarctica and Madagascar. Politically, this island is a part of Australia. There are two active volcanoes on the Heard Island, and it is completely barren. The entire island is composed of debris and limestone that took place as a result of volcanic eruptions. To preserve the fragile natural surroundings, the Australian Government restricted entry to the forbidden island.

4.North Brother Island, USA

Located in New York City, North Brother Island is one of the most popular abandoned places in the USA. Originally developed as a quarantine hospital, it was the home to the Typhoid Mary. She was identified as the first American to carry the typhoid fever. Later, this place became a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. Now, North Brother Island has a bird sanctuary and is permanently shut for the common people.

5.Bhangarh Fort, India

Between Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan lie the ruins of what was once a splendid kingdom. Bhangarh Fort is described as the most haunted place in India.

As the only "legally recognised" haunted place in India according to the Times of India, a government permit is required to be able to enter before dawn or after sundown.

Although it's said that the reason is down to wild, nocturnal animals such as tigers and the lack of artificial lighting in the area, no one knows what else could be lurking in the ruins.

6.Surtsey Island, Iceland

Surtsey is a tiny island off Iceland's southern coast that is part of an archipelago. It was produced as a result of a four-year-long volcanic eruption. It also has the distinction of being the world's newest island. Tourists are not permitted on this forbidden island because it is suspected that human interference would threaten the island's ecological succession.

7.Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Japan is renowned around the world for its shrine community, which comprises over 80,000 shrines. The Ise Grand Shrine is the most significant of them all. Thanks to its architectural splendour, it is one of Japan's most expensive temples. You are not eligible to enter the hallowed halls of this ancient Japanese representation unless you are a member of the royal family.

8. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China

For more than 2,000 years, the Mausoleum of China's first Emperor Qin Shi Huang has been buried deep under a pyramid. It is one of the biggest discoveries of all time, but historians and archaeologists are puzzled. The tomb's contents are mostly sealed and unexamined. The burial complex is said to contain a variety of items that Qin Shi Huang would need in the afterlife. The Chinese government has banned excavation of the Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, making it one of the world's most forbidden sites.

9. Niihau Island, USA

Niihau Island, with a population of 160 inhabitants, is prohibited to the general public. The only way to visit this region is either to be a part of the US Navy or to have a relative on the island. To preserve the environment and wildlife on Niihau Island, the government has restricted the entry to outsiders. No wonder, it is a forbidden place that one cannot reach.

10. Snake Island, Brazil

This is a Brazilian island infested with thousands of poisonous snakes, as the name implies. Snake Island also known Ilha da Queimada Grande as  is one of the world's and Brazil's most forbidden locations, and no person dares to set foot on it. It is so dangerous that the government has declared visiting the island illegal. On the island, there are an estimated 4,000 of the world's deadliest serpents.

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