Feminism v/s Pseudo Feminism

FEMINISM is something all of us have been hearing out. But lately under the pretext of feminism, a new belief Pseudo feminism is in practice. Feminism solely states that all the genders should be treated with equality. Equality in terms of speech, movement, job opportunities, etc. in the social sphere.

Feminism DOESN’T demand more rights for any gender. It just means both men and women should have equal rights. The people believing this statement and stand up for it are called ‘feminists’. There are feminists and then there are pseudo feminists. These are the people who stick by the rule that, be it in any context, women should be granted more privilege or individuals of other sexes do not actually deserve respect.

The main question is that do pseudo feminists demand equal treatment to all genders?

Sadly, the answer to this is negative. They want a world that is governed and managed by women. They are those beings who claim to be feminists but forget the whole point of it – equality. Feminism is uplifting women such that they reach at a level similar to men, and not overpowering them so that they are more significant. Pseudo feminists have a strong will to take revenge about all injustices on women by opposing, suppressing and demeaning men.

A feminist may be a man or a woman. It is anyone around who grants equality. This concepts just grants impartiality for any and everyone. A pseudo feminist is someone who gains excessive sympathy for women, who finds faults in men even if there are none. They misinterpret the definition of feminism as men-hatters or men-demeaners. It is completely unacceptable on ones’ part to grant more rights.

It is basically our responsibility as just citizens of this happening society to bridge out the gap between feminism and pseudo feminism. I personally feel there’s nothing wrong in demanding rights where there is injustice, but demanding rights and using them to suppress the other gender is totally wrong. Portraying all men as evil and sinners and playing the victim card is not something, I am big fan of. Let all of us join together and support what is really expected from us – equality to all !

By- Niharika Farande

22nd January 2021 .

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