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Charming as a blue moon and ravishing as always, the hill station of Yercaud is the perfect escape for a relaxing and reviving holiday in Tamil Nadu. Yercaud is a paradise hidden amidst the Shevaroy range of hills on the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu. Yercaud is a town of hill stations in Tamil Nadu, South Indian state. It lies in the Shevaroy Hills, known for its orange groves, and the plantations of coffee, fruit and spice.

The name Yercaud is derived from two words Yeri which means lake and Kaadu refers to forests. This hill station of South Indian state Tamil Nadu indeed is surrounded with loads of tourist spots. In one sentence it can be said that Yercaud in itself a small package full of every natural aspect.

Here are the must visit places in Yercaud :

1. Yercaud Lake :

One of the widely visited spots of Yercaud for its gardens, wooded trees and an overall soothing and tranquil atmosphere, the Yeracud Lake also provides an opportunity to its visitors to taste spicy dishes of Tamil Nadu, that delight both epicurean and gourmet tastes. Soft streaming boat rides across the lake, past picturesque sights add to the pleasure of the visit.

2. 32-km Loop Road :

The 32-Km Loop Road a 32 kilometre stretch, that begins from the Yercaud Lake, goes past the well-laid roads and agricultural plantations of Yercaud. A leisurely trip down this stretch, with stops at a few places, gets one to see local people in their habitats, know a little about their habits and culture and get a feel of the lives that the coffee and bamboo plantation workers lead.

3.Pagoda Point :

A place in the clouds because of being in the heights of Yercaud, a place of utmost peace and calm, it is where many would like to visit for sure. From this place, one can enjoy the impeccable vistas of Attur and Ayothiapattinam. There is also a Rama Temple located in between the Pagodas where one can spend time offering prayers and seeking blessings of the Almighty.

4. Lady’s Seat :

A rock that was naturally formed in the shape of a seat, makes a comfortable seating place to have a good view of the close-by clouds & mists, as well as refreshing greenery all around.Lady’s Seat is a vantage point to capture the astounding sights of the town. Proffering the ravishing views of mists, clouds, and luxuriant surrounding, this sightseeing spot in Yercaud is best to visit in the evening during the time of sunset.

5. Bear’s Cave :

Close to Norton’s Bungalow, a cave once supposed to be inhabited by bears that also served as the Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan’s secret hideout and escape route later is a major tourist attraction for its quaintness. To explore Bears Cave, one has to grant permission from the concerned authorities as it a private property. Despite being blocked by the boulders and fallen rocks, the cave can be explored till 60 feet effortlessly.

6. Silk Farm and Rose Garden :

A little diverse from the regular tourist spots but never the less interesting for what it contains, the Silk Farm and Rose Garden is two kilometers distant from Yercaud.Fabric lovers and history seekers who visit Yercaud do not miss this destination since it gives them insights about silk and its cultivation, the preservation of the art of weaving as adopted in this place.

Here one also gets to know about the historical background of how the Chinese produced it and how it travelled to India.

The Rose Garden is a lovely creation where many different species of roses are grown. A magnificent sight and inspiration to budding horticulturists, it is a visual delight for the vacationer and the visiting expert.

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