Disadvantages Of Modern/ Online Teaching

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Inconveniences of studying online -

1. Inability to focus on Screen

One of the main difficulties of online learning for many students is the inability to remain on the computer for long stretches of time. There is also a larger potential for students to be readily distracted by social media or other platforms by online learning. To help students remain focused on the lesson, it is also imperative for teachers to keep their online classes crisp, entertaining, and interactive.

2. Issues with Technologies

Internet access is another primary problem in online courses. Although internet penetration has risen over the past few years in leaps and bounds, a reliable connection with sufficient speed is an issue in smaller cities and towns. There may be a lack of consistency of learning for the boy, without a reliable internet link for students or teachers. This is counterproductive to the process of schooling .

3. Awareness Of The Loneliness

By living in the company of their classmates, students will learn a lot. There are limited physical encounters between students and teachers in an online class, however. For the pupils, which also results in a feeling of loneliness. It is imperative that the school allow alternative means of contact between pupils, classmates, and teachers in this scenario. Online messaging, emails and video conferencing will be used, which would allow face-to-face contact and reduce the feeling of isolation.

4. Education for Teachers

Online learning requires a basic comprehension for teachers of the use of interactive ways of learning. This, though, is not always the case. Teachers very often have a very fundamental view of technology. Often, they don't even have the tools and instruments required to teach online courses.

5. Screen Time Control

Many parents are worried about the health implications of spending too many hours looking at a computer with their children. This rise in screen time is one of online learning's greatest problems and drawbacks. Often, because of standing hunched in front of a computer, students often experience poor posture and other physical issues.

A successful solution will be to allow students lots of breaks from the computer to refresh their minds and bodies.

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