Dangerous Food Combinations That Can Make You Sick

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Improper food combinations lead to indigestion and also to the production of toxins in your body. This is because according to Ayurveda, each food item has a distinct taste, characteristic, potency, energy and effect on the digestive system. When food with different energies are combined, it can overload the digestive fire and lead to indigestion, bloating, fermentation, gas and production of toxins.

Certain food combinations disrupt the digestive tract more than others. Paying attention and avoiding some foods combinations can lead to improved health, healing, improved quality of digestion, deeper level of nourishment and thus improved overall health.

Here some shocking food combinations you should avoid while having a meal.

1.Tea and Yoghurt

Tea and yoghurt are both acidic and hence it is general belief that the two may combine to disturb the balance inside the body, thus affecting digestion.

2.Meat with milk

Milk is a complete food in itself. The digestive system has to work dedicatedly to break down milk. Combining it with other forms of heavy proteins like meat or fish will put a lot of pressure on the digestive system.

3. Water with Food

Water along with meals is one of the worst combinations. This is because water tends to dilute stomach acids, which are essential for digesting the food that you eat. This can get difficult for your tummy and make it work more to digest the food.

4.Yoghurt with fruits

When sour fruits are combined with yogurt, they create acids that slow down the body's metabolism.

5.Milk and Banana

A banana milkshake or a smoothie is the most common post-workout snack to promote muscle growth and enhance recovery. Ayurvedic considers this combination to be very heavy on the system and makes you lethargic. Also according to studies, consuming banana and milk together not only disturbs our digestive system as it is heavy but also disrupts our sinus. This leads to sinus congestion, cold & cough, and other allergies like rashes on the body.

6.Melon and Water

All melons should be left alone, goes the old saying. Since melons are 90-95% water, drinking water after having them may dilute the digestive juices in the body.

7.Fries and Burger

This may make you wonder because most burger joints give fries along with the burger. But then why are they considered a bad combination? They might not be as dangerous as others but both fries and burger patty are deep-fried food items, which can make your blood sugar levels very low. Low blood sugar levels will make you tired and lethargic.

8. Cola and Pizza

Another combo that most fast-food chains offer to its customers, soda and pizza is a very bad choice as far as your health is concerned. Pizza is loaded with starch and proteins, which slows down digestion and high amounts of sugar from cola further make your digestion slow.

We all have different types of bodies, food sensitivities, and food allergies. It is important to listen to your body and eat food combinations accordingly.

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