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Wake up to the smell of tranquilizing coffee, and enjoy the scenic beauty of this misty land of hills and streams. Popularly known as the Scotland of India, Coorg lives up to its name with luring amalgamation of history, luxury, adventure, mouth-watering cuisine. Located along the western ghats, this famous coffee-producing hill station is well-known for its jaw-dropping ravishing scenery and opulence. Coorg district that lies in southwest Karnataka. Locally known as Kodagu, this gorgeous hill station with its rolling green hills and vales.

Coorg is known for the beauty of the place and its people the Kodavas who are ethnic warriors. Coorg is also a great destination for those who love the outdoors or for those looking for adventure.

There are many alluring places to visit in Coorg from gushing waterfalls to spectacular viewpoints and lovely river islands.

Here I mention the best 6 Places to visit during your Coorg Tour :

1. Karada Village :

The visit to Karada completes your Coorg trip. Karada is a village in the Kakkabe region. It is situated at a distance of 18 km from Virajpet and approximately 30 km from Madikeri . It offers tourists with mesmerizing natural beauty and refreshing environment. Huge expanses of coffee-estates cover the area making it even more beautiful.The place has some of the best ancestral homes of Coorg.

Some of the ancestral homes are 200-300 years old presenting tourists with a touch of history and ancient living. Tourists are provide comfortable stay, mouth-watering Coorg Cuisine and relaxed atmosphere at these ancestral homes. Some of the examples of the same are Iyne Mane which is almost 250 years old, Nadikerianda Aine house which is again almost 200 years old and many others. The place is also good for nature walks and offers good trekking route .

2. Raja's Seat :

Located in the town of Madikeri, Raja seat is a popular tourist spots offering them with mesmerizing scenic beauty and enchanting environment. With a literal meaning of “Seat of the Kings”, Raja’s Seat used to be a favorite place of kings of Coorg. The view of sunset and sunrise from Raja’s seat is exceptionally captivating and mustn’t be missed by tourists. Golden sunlight falling on the lush greenery offers amazing photographic opportunities as well. There is Amusement Park , Toy train which attracts childrens as well as adults . The experience here is worth remembering.

To the left there is Gandhi Mantap . A memorial to the father of the nation built at the site where Mahatma Gandhi sat and addressed the people of Madikeri during his visit in 1932 . Gandhi Mantap is located where remains of Mahatma Gandhi have been kept .

3. Abbey Falls :

Abbey falls or Abbi Falls is situated 1 km from the town of Madikeri. This waterfall is famous for its natural beauty. This is a famous picnic spot and is called as Jesse falls in the olden days.Abbey falls located between the natural greenery of coffee plantations and spice estates is blessed with stunning beauty and serene calm. The falls has a wild beauty. Water cascading over rocks into the pool. During Monsoon the water flow is very high and in dry seasons the flow is low. There is a hanging bridge here providing the amazing sight of this waterfalls. The best time to visit Abbey falls is early winter.

4. Tadiandamol Trek :

Second highest mountain in Karnataka state, Tadiandamol is the highest peak of Coorg district. At a height of approximately 1746 meters above sea level, it is located 8 km from the town of Kakkabe and approximately 35 km from Madikeri. It is 30 km away from Virajpet and lies in the south-eastern part of Coorg.

An amazing place for trekking, the peak is one of the most popular tourist spots in Coorg. The best time to go for trekking is during early winters . The trekking till the peak is not easy and can be tiresome. On their way to the peak, trekkers can have a halt at the Nalknad Palace, which is good option for base camp at night.

5. Nalknad Aramane Palace :

Located near a village named Yavakapadi Nalknad Aramane is in the kakkabe town of the Coorg region. It is situated at a distance of 45 km from Madikeri town. It has built in the year of 1792 by Dodda Virarajendra who was a Haleri ruler Dodda Virarajendra.

Later in the year of 1796, Dodda Virarajendra married Mahadev Ammaji here. He built the palace after he escaped from the Tippu sultan's troops and thus there in an underground tunnel inside the palace which originates from here and ends at Madikeri and it has many other stories .

The palace is an impressive structure and thus makes for an interesting visit. Its roofs and walls have been adorned with many ancient paintings and carvings. There is a gigantic gateway at the place. Inside the palace, you will find a kalyana mandapa which is a platform to hold marriage ceremonies.

6.Dubare Elephant Camp :

Dubare Elephant Camp is situated on the banks of River Kaveri in Coorg district of Karnataka state. A popular spots, the camp attracts many tourists, especially wildlife enthusiast from all over the world. It presents an opportunity to be close to elephants and engage in various activities related to them.

What makes this camp unique is the fact that tourists can participate in various activities with elephants which is three hour elephant interaction.They can indulge in activities like 45 minute bath where they are allowed to give bath to elephants in River Cauvery, feeding them with ragi, jaggery, sugarcane, banana and coconuts. After this, they can go on a 45 minute elephant ride into the jungle.This unique experience can be taken only here.

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