Biased Media : A threat to Indian Democracy

The term "media" refers to  different forms of communication. Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet are examples of media that reach people widely.

India is the world's largest media market , with over 100000 newspapers being sold making them Hold their Position as the Fourth pillar of democracy and over 900 television news channels, with different News Headlines, broadcasting in multiple languages throughout the country, and the figures are growing by the day.

But in Today's World, it is very difficult to find an Unbiased Media source that will give you True news While Not siding with Either Side of the Conflict. The main purpose of the media is to provide accurate news of all types of viewpoints in front of the people but the truth is not necessarily shown by the media. The common people suffer and lose their freedom due to this,

The media receives a number of contracts involving the transfer of the shares between the media and nonmedia companies and which results in showing the disguised (or in worse cases, utterly False) news, this can be termed as the paid news syndrome. Political Parties, Industrialists buy media Channels and Newspapers so that they ensure they Maintain a Clear Image in front of people and Their Wrongdoings are covered up by the frequent News Flashes Clearing their name.

Paid news provided by any political group or other large organization easily diverts the media from its real purpose, and the media, which is supposed to be an eye-opener, becomes a puppet in the hands of power. A Trustworthy News Source Is the One That is Not Buyable By any Political Party and Has the Courage to Question both the Opposition and The Ruling Party Based on their Decisions.

News Channels Sometimes shows only a small part of an official Conference and add their own spices, present it to people in totally different Way for their interests. This may seem Harmless, But the truth is far from that. A Half-Baked Truth is Often Worse than a Fully Blown Lie. This Partly true News Gives rise to a stir of Confusion among the people who themselves have no Idea about What is Going on. A Political Party Has a Very Important Part of its Identity- Their Mouthpiece. Their Mouthpiece Usually Is A Newspaper Released Daily With The Political Parties' Opinion on the Ongoing Events.

Now, Why Does anyone need a Biased News Source, When they have their Very own Mouthpiece Serving as a connection between The Party and the People? The Intent is usually to Brainwash people into believing the superiority of a Particular Political Party By Hammering the Thoughts of the Party's 2-3 Achievements over and over by different News Channels and make it seem like an Uphill Task when in reality, Nothing of significance has been done.

With relentlessly manipulated opinions and no transparency in almost all media houses, the Indian media is writing a new history that proposes the death of Democracy. Showing people what's not true and favoring someone is an act of misleading which can, in turn, have an effect on the elections and a direct impact on the Democracy of India. The Indian Media also Creates an Environment of Toxicity Around the country. However, I Believe The Media cannot be held responsible Entirely. The Political Parties Buy Media sources...Because their Strategy Is working. People are becoming Party Supporters By watching the Good things The Media says about that party and will Ignore the Bad Things the Party has done with Much More Impact than the good things. Whenever someone tries to point out why the media is not showing the Real News and that The Party is doing Bad things which we don't know about, They will get called out on all Social Media Platforms and be termed as Traitors, Anti-Nationals, etc The Above Statement is just a Showcase of How Media, Please note:- BIASED Media is Bringing with it the Death of Democracy as we know it, where there will be no freedom of speech, No freedom to support any Political party with an ideology and no more Right to Information. However, This is still beatable. Just Check Your News channels/News Papers for a series of 5 days. You Can Check Their News To see If they are Favoring any Party and/or are Baselessly Attacking Another Party. Doing this for 5 days and tabulating the results should be enough to decide whether the Media You follow is Biased or is a True form of Media that strives for a better Democratic Nation. Another thing that we can do is encourage independent journalists and newsrooms that aren’t funded by industrialists or any Political Party or Anyone else. And A Humble Request to the readers too. Do Not Believe Everything on the Internet you see Unless it is confirmed. No Matter how much ever the Internet Advances, It cant be reliable as Anyone can post whatever they want.

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