Being an Ambivert!

Do you like spending a lot of time with your friends or at a party with strangers, but also would enjoy being left alone just binge watching shows on Netflix? Are you the giver of ideas in a group or you are a good listener who pays attention to other people around? Do you give a friend some valuable advice and be the only one talking or are you the one who listens to your pal’s problems and mostly quiet in a conversation?

If your answer to the above questions is “kinda both” then my friend, you are an Ambivert. Ambiverts is that group of people who have a balance both introversion and extroversion in them. They can flip into either depending on their mood, context, and goals. They are also known as Social Introverts.

So here is something relatable for A Social Introvert:

1. You don’t have any problem being a team leader or a fellow member. You don’t mind leading a group but also have no issues in following instructions.

2. You are both, a fantastic listener and an amazing speaker. The extrovert side of you helps you to speak confidently while the other helps you to pay attention and listen keenly. You can listen to other’s problems but also give out ideas.

3. You can live a very peaceful life. You crave for attention but in a healthy manner. Presence of people around you does matter, but not to that extent. You like to be left alone but don’t mind socializing later. You tune in with yourself as well as the others well. You are highly flexible.

4. You are spontaneous and cautious both. It completely depends on the situation. You like to take calculated risks.

5. Being an ambivert, you are capable to solve problems easily. That introvert side of yours help you introspect every minute detail and the other side gets you into proactive thinking.

6. Some people think of you as a very quiet person, but others think of you as a beast and a party animal!

7. You are centre of attraction, but wouldn’t want it to last for a long time.

By- Niharika Farande

25th January 2021.

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