Are you a philanthropist?

here we have a topic to ponder

How does one define being a philanthropist?

A helper?

A giver?

A supporter?

Something, something like that okay?

How many of you can proudly say you perform charity or philanthropy?

Many of people put up a question like that, "Are you a philanthropist?", "Do you perform charity?" etc etc.

The answer is yes and no!

Yes, I must have done something, somewhere but I don't need to prove or show off!

So no, I have not done anything!

Consider my life meaningless because you considering my life meaningless will never harm me, because I choose not to propagate the fact that I did a little help to somebody in need, because if I do so, my so called act of kindness will loose all it's value!

I don't need to prove people here and there or give an evidence or a proof that I offer charity or help the one in need.

If you go about boasting that you've helped somebody or did a charity or are being a philanthropist, believe me you've done nothing!

All your "act of kindness" which gets name or is popularized, or you are being known because of it, then your so called act of kindness goes in void, it's absolutely meaningless having zero value.

The people who go about helping others and boasting about it, are mere promoters who try to outshine others and look good and superior, or match a certain status set by somebody somewhere.

If I have done something of kindness just to be known, it's called promotion of one self.

(bhai sahab, kissi ki maddat kiya toh kiya, dhindhora kyu peetna?)

I must have done something meaningful, but if everybody knows about it and you are renowned because of it, your act has zero value.

Whatever 'good' I do, 'meaningful' I do, 'kindness' I do during my lifetime, it is a secret between me and my god, god has written all my good deeds in a golden book of record and he knows about it and even my heart does.

Why go around boasting??

Think again

Whom do you want to please?

God (the one who knows everything and has control over everything)?


mere people (the ones who appreciate your deeds, come and go, and forget everything)?

Whom do you have to answer in the end?

Ask yourself!

Self satisfaction is a thing, that definitely doesn't come from materialistic gains, isn't?

I was highly dissatisfied that all those so called 'philanthropist' people went on propagating the fact and providing evidence (putting up pictures and videos of theirs, distributing food, clothes and stuff to the needy during these unprecedented times of COVID 19, on their media handles) and gaining popularity.

That's rude, that's trying to impress people or outshine others, that's not charity, it has no value!


also masks up and stay safe :)

-Saloni Sinha

My Instagram (saloni_sinha_08)

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