Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Life is Such a beautiful thing ,

Don't Waste it Oh my Queen ,

Life's gonna give you fame ,

It's gonna raise your name,

It's just started ,don't let it end ,

Desire a strength which you wanna gain ,

Choose the Star you wanna be ,

Brighten the Place you wanna see ,

And hit the goal you wanna meet ,

Kill the heat and have a treat ,

Be ready to take heavy things ,

Life s gonna give you everything ,

Life is a case which can brighten your face ,

Gear up its gonna be a triggled chase ,

Don give up its a long race ,

time is gonna run Fast ,

Don't think about the Cast as it's the Past .

Come on Never be late to start ,

Life is wonderful to you ,

Life will give you Something ,

Shape your life as your dream ,

and enjoy it to the fullest ,

You have the Power to make ,

it the coolest !!

- By Manasvi Patil

Life a such a beautiful process ; we shape our own journey of life.

I had written this poem long time ago . Each time I read it , I get motivated to move forward inspite of many difficulties .

Thank for reading !

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