6 Reasons to visit Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand State in India. This valley was discovered by Frank S Smythe in the year 1931. Nature lovers, botanist, photographers, mountaineers all come to valley of flowers from across the globe.Valley of Flowers is one of the most searched places to visit in Uttarakhand . And there is more to it being a Valley with Flowers . You can also visit and Explore different places ; For eg. Ghangharia , Govindghat and Hemkunf Sahib etc.

Let’ see 6 reasons to visit Valley of flowers :

1.One of the most rated place for trekking :

If you are interested in trekking , the Valley of flowers should be on your wish-list . It is a beautiful and Colourful trip . This is the reason the valley attracts all types of travellerslike nature lover , botanists , photographer , scientists , documentary filmmakers , trekkers and more .

2. The land where Brahmakamal’s bloom :

Brahmakamal is the State flower of Uttarakhand .Brahma kamal is one of the rare and legendary and mythological Himalayan Flower found from 3500 mt to 4500 mt . altitude and usually bloomed in monsoon season . Brahmakamal is also the State flower of Uttarakhand . \

3. Rare animal and birds species :

We can explore many Rare and endangered animal and bird species in Valley of Flowers . For instance ; Asiatic black bears , brown bears , blue sheep , Himalayan Monal , Red fox , snow leopard , musk deer are some of the animals found there. All the amimals found in the Valley of Flowers are either rare or endangerd . you will be able to see the animals nearby your trekking trail .

4. Scenic view of Himalyan Mountains :

The Valley is surrounded by Magnificient Himalyas . Which is so appealing to the eyes and the mind .

5. Heaven for the Photographers :

The People interested in making a colourful album ; Valley of flowers is the best place .The stunning Landscape , the rare fauna , and the diverse fauna is a dream come true for photographers . The whole area of Valley of Flowers is captivating that you will want to capture the whole of it . Each part has its own speciality .

6. The pleasure of being and breathing fresh air with nature :

The chaos in the city life has taken a toll on all of us . Trek to the Valley helps you to get away from the busy life and spend quality time in nature . Valley of flowers provides the much needed Space for people who love solitude . And nature is always a lovely Companion Top it uo with the fact that there is no pollution there .

Valley of Flowers is a place you really shouldn’t miss .

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