2020 Review : The Technological World

2020 has had its own share of controversies and bad memories. But that doesn't mean that it was entirely bad. Let's take a look at 10 of the best technological marvels that graced the year 2020 together!!

1.Shimon the Robo:

For years, researchers at Georgia Tech have worked on improving a musical robot called Shimon. Now Shimon is not just playing music in the year 2021, he also writes the words to his own songs and sings them on command. Since his inception in 2017, Shimon has really come a long way. He is even said to be publishing an album very soon!

2.Use of Drones to Deliver various items:

Students in Christiansburg, Virginia had come up with an unusual option to deliver Various items such as books and Newspapers Via drones in the summer. The Montgomery County School District is teamed up with a company called Wing to facilitate the campaign which was a great success.

3.Entry of Internet in Kenya....Via a Balloon!

A company called Loon is using balloons to provide people across Kenya with the Internet. Sounds Fascinating, doesn't it? The company believes that its system will be a cheap, reliable way to provide people who live in remote areas with internet services. So far It has been a Great success by providing 35 balloons in partnership with Google over Kenya.

4. An Intelligent Lab Assistant !

A robot that can run scientific experiments on its own had been developed by scientists at the University of Liverpool. The robot operates tirelessly, stopping only long enough for its batteries to recharge. The robot recently completed nearly 700 experiments in eight days worth of time! You should start looking forward to working besides These robots in the near future!

5.New Era for Aviation:

A lot of normal airplane traffic may have been slowed down by the coronavirus, but it has not stopped some new flying inventions from taking off. Today, the company called NFK is looking at a plane powered by hydrogen and a jet suit for medical emergencies. Look forward to riding in a plane powered by hydrogen and reaching your destination faster!

6.Robots as Farmers?

Robots that move around in farm fields and carry out agricultural tasks with impressive efficiency and accuracy have been created by a research project called Mineral, collecting information about how plants grow. The aim of the project is to use computers to help farmers grow more food in ways that are environmentally healthy.

7. AI That saved lots of lives:

A way to say whether anyone has the coronavirus flowing in their bloodstream simply from their cough had been created by scientists at MIT. The technique was particularly useful for recognizing individuals who have the disorder, but do not display any symptoms of it. I may not have an official record but I Am pretty sure this must have saved a lot of lives .


The much awaited first human test of a hyperloop system, a technology that some people believe will change transportation, was held in 2020 by a company called Virgin Hyperloop. In the test, through a special tube, a car carrying two people traveled at high speed. What a Brilliant and fun way of travelling from home to work!

9.The FLYING Car :

Movies about the future sometimes show people in flying cars flying above everyone. In 2020 for a Japanese company, that vision came a step closer to reality as it showed off its flying car in action, complete with a driver. Buckle up to say goodbye to traffic woes now!

10.AI Cracks the Human Biology Code:

An artificial intelligence program has been developed by a research lab named DeepMind that has successfully solved a complex puzzle that had puzzled scientists for 50 years. Success of this kind could lead to tremendous change in health care in the upcoming years and may grant immunity to future Bacteria or parasites.

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