10 Mystifying Places You Won't Believe Exist In India

India is not merely the name of a country, but it showcases a boiling pot of culture, traditions, history and hospitality to name a few, and many more to the list. India is full of mysterious places and stories spanning back over the centuries, that are just beckoning to be explored. Some you may have heard of, but some rare places in India will take a little more to get to know.

So, here are some of those mysterious places in India, that will leave you in sheer awe, whether you travel to an on or the off-beaten path.

1 .Twins Town, Kerala Kodinhi :

A town in the Malappuram district of Kerala, has a very unique factor which makes this ordinary town, extraordinary. Once you enter into this place, you will start to see a double of almost everyone.

Kodinhi has as of now 200 pairs of twins, and 2 pairs of triplets, but it doesn't stop there. The women of Kodinhi, who are married to different places are also giving birth to twins or triplets. According to the doctors, this phenomena occurs due to a chemical which is present in the water of this locality.

2. Village Without Doors :

Maharashtra Shani - Shingapur, a place located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, which is famous not only for the Shani Temple but also for a village with no doors or door frames. It is believed that the Lord Shani, protects the village and his devotees. The mystery is that none of the houses, even schools, government buildings or even commercial houses don't have doors or door frames.

In addition to this, not a single crime has ever been reported here. What's more, the local branch of the United Commercial (UCO) Bank has chosen to not have any locks on their doors, making it the first lock-free bank in the country.

3. Bullet Baba Temple :

In Rajasthan the shrine was built in honour of Om Singh Rathore or Om Banna. Also, known as the Bullet Baba Temple, it is perhaps one of India's most unusual shrines. According to locals, on the night of December 2, 1988 when Om Singh was riding on the roads of Pali, he lost control of his bike and crashed into a tree, leading to his death.

The following morning, the local police took the bike into custody but it so happened that every night since then, the bike would escape from their custody and find its way to the accident site. Even after emptying its fuel tank and keeping it locked, the bullet would tend to return to same point before dawn. This was seen as a miracle and since then the locals built a temple to honour the bike and the soul of Om Singh. It is believed that his soul helps distressed travellers and praying to the motorcycle, would keep travellers safe.

4. The floating stones , Tamil Nadu :

According to Hindu Mythology, the vanar sena of Lord Ram Build a bridge all the way to Shri-Lanka with the help of floating stones. this is not only the story, you can see these kind of floating stones in all over Rameshwaram . According to Ramayana the stones were floating in water because of name of lord Ram was written on it but that was only a story actually bridge was made of such kind of stones as they are still found around Rameshwaram .

5. The Land of Snakes :

Maharashtra Shetpal also known as the land of snakes is located in the Sholapur district of Maharashtra. Every house in this village has a resting place for cobras, and the snakes here appear to be very friendly. An interesting fact is that there has been no reported case of a snake bite until this day. The cobras here move about freely and are worshipped and taken care of by the villagers in honour of Lord Shiva.

6. Sulabh International Toilet Museum :

Delhi , Established in 1992, by Dr. Brindeshwar Pathak, his objective was to highlight the need to address the problems of sanitation in the country. The Time magazine counts it among the weirdest museums in India even as it exhibits the evolution of toilets from over 50 countries from across the globe, along with artefacts collected from 2500 BC to the latest ones .

7. The Magnetic Hill, Ladakh :

The Magnetic hill is located at the altitude of 11000 feet above see level is one of the most unusual place to see in India. The mystery is , Cars driving towards the Hill by its own chord . it means if ignition is switched off car drive itself towards the hill. Drives can realise over there that car driven by itself. Theory is, this exciting phenomena is actually optical illusion resulting from hills gravitational pull.

8. Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya :

About 180 years ago, villagers (especially the Khasi tribe) in Meghalaya had devised a solution to cross the forever-flooded streams in the forests which also harnesses nature in its purest form. They grow their own living bridges. Using the roots of the rubber fig trees, they weaved an elaborate system of living bridges, some of which are said to be even 500 years old.

These extraordinary examples of living architecture are also the lessons in patience since they take about 15 years to grow. With age though, the living root bridges grow stronger and can often support the weight of 50 or more people at a time! A spectacular natural wonder indeed!

9. The VISA God, Hyderabad :

Did you ever faced any problem for getting your US VISA , not to worry. Go to Chilkur Balaji temple in Hyderabad and Lord Balaji will grant you one. The Mystery is being the poor or elite every kind of person can be spotted here before going and begging for the VISA but that's not the end part, the fact is that they soon ended with their VISA that landed this places in one of the most Mysterious place in India.

10. Hanging Pillar, Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh :

A perfect example of genius engineering of ancient times, the hanging pillar of the Lepakshi temple is named so because it does not fully rest on the ground and people can actually pass through small objects beneath it. It also has a 27 feet long and 15 feet tall monolithic statue of Nandi, intricately carved to perfection .

While there are scientific explanations to most of the unusual places and phenomena, it is beyond doubt that these places are incredibly thrilling to witness. India has many more such amazing places, that you wouldn’t know ever existed .

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