About Our Organisaton


You might be wondering what the DATA foundation is, and why DATA in the first place.
This Non-Profit organization is established in memory of my grandparents, DaduSeth and Tarabai, whose names are combined to form the acronym DATA.
I always wanted to do social work for the betterment of society and mankind, which is why I established the DATA Foundation.


We envision a society where happiness is nurtured by meeting basic human needs in all aspects of life on our planet .

We engage, empower, and enrich individuals to become active citizens, ethical leaders, and positive contributors to our culture, nation, and

global society by instilling ideals, joy, and a higher quality of life in them.


The Obejctives of our Organisation is as follows -

Welfare of Society

Our Ultimate Aim is Welfare of Society be it anything . Our Logo also Represents the same Message . So Lets make this True together . 

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For Students

We all know the importance of Education and in today's World Every child should get Education . We are always willing to help Underprivilleged Students through Our Organization.

For Students | Data Foundation

For the Environment

We Humans, have destroyed the Nature Since Our Existence  , we always wish to go to place surrounded by natural Beauty , But why can't we make our place more Natural by Planting trees.

We always promote Tree plantation  Programmes and will surely do our part for the Nature

Nisarg Premid | Data Foundation

Our Contribution in Cleanliness

I've always wanted to see a clean India; today, the dream is partly achieved, but we must continue to participate and fulfil our responsibilities in order for it to make India Cleanest Country in the World.

Clean India | Data Foundation

For the Underprivileged

We have many Underpriveledged people  in terms of food , education but  we will try to reach each and every one of them and try to help them out .

For the Underprivileged | Data Foundation